Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost 21 weeks & my new Colour Bazaar headband!

20 weeks and 6 days!
Jackson flicking the lights on and off.
Someone remind me to hide his stool ;) haha

For some reason, I'm REALLY poking out today.
I don't think I'm really THAT big, but I sure do look it!

And check out my new, GORGEOUS head wrap from

It came today and I couldn't wait to put it on!
I love anything rainbow and colorful, but this?
It was so much more beautiful in person!

Thanks to Bekah at my little loves. for wearing her beautiful headwrap and recommending Sarah's work!

If you don't follow Bekah already, check out her delightful blog, my little loves.

If you love my headwrap, order one!
Even with shipping from Australia, it's STILL a fantastic bargain and an incredible accessory!
Let Sarah at colourbazaar know how much we all appreciate her craft.


Bekah said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! I love mine-its the perfect go to for ease, comfort and not having to fool with your hair <3

Samantha said...

I love it! I would love to order the turquoise one. It looks so comfortable!

Kayla said...

I got mine today too :) I love it! You're looking adorable!

Dusti said...

Bekah, thanks again!

Samantha, you would look awesome in the turquoise one! A gift to yourself before the baby comes, for certain!

Kayla, I want to see pictures!!

Dusti said...
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Amy and Meagan said...

I have the same headband!! Mine is turquoise and purple and I haven't worn it in forever, I'm glad I saw this post because I need to dig it out. :) She makes the cutest stuff.

Mare said...

Love the head wrap, going to get one too! Following you from the Hop! Nice blog! Would love to have you follow me at

LifeBelowZero said...

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