Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let there be light! And water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

I ran to the craft store this morning to pick up a new pack of fabric pens. Still no electricity. *sigh* I had already taken care of our animals, straightened up the house, and cleaned my vehicle (some of the few things I could do with no water or power), so we decided to grab a couple of sandwiches from a deli and have lunch!

When we got onto our street, I noticed two trucks from the power company coming down our road. What a good sign! We pulled into our drive way and I looked up at the house just in time to see the light come on in Keelin's room! Let there be light!!

From Monday night to Thursday afternoon, nooooooo electricity.

The things I have learned from this madness:

1. Fill up your bath tub when you know it's going to storm. Just do it. Having two kids 4yrs old and under plus a pregnant bladder and one of those kids in full time cloth diapers... Okay, let's just say, we could have used some water, especially to flush!

2. Having rain barrels absolutely saved my sanity! What would I have done for this long with no water, two dogs, and 29 chickens? I'd have been forced to buy bottled water for the poultry!! I love them and all, but how about a NO?!

3. I don't sleep well with two kids in my bed and one in my belly. I got kicked from ALL sides in the night- quite literally. But there is nothing that can make you feel quite as warm and fuzzy inside.


And #4 is a doozy.

When was the last time you took a good long look at your water usage habits? How much water do you waste? Do you take it for granted? As environmentally minded as I am, I do take my water for granted- yes, even utilizing rain water and trying to be gentle on my well- I take water for granted. The very fact that it comes out of my taps (most of the time) when I turn the knobs is an incredible luxury. But how often do we think of it that way?

We're not entitled, people. Water is a resource and just like the rest of them, we're crapping on it. Or in it, as the case may be. :-/ I will just say, this experience has made me so grateful for the everyday, monotonous running water at my house.

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