Friday, April 29, 2011

Who has two thumbs and fizz?! This girl!

I know that it isn't very crunchy of me, but I love carbonated beverages!

I have been lusting over home-carbonating gadgets for a couple of years now, but frankly, they have just been out of our budget.

I have had a really rough week this week  (even before my grandfather died yesterday) and clearly, my hubby sensed that I was not in a good place. He ran to REI to get himself a new watch band and came home with my Mother's Day present.

He not only got me a Sodastream, but he got me the Crystal version! I thought I would only ever get the basic version, but he got me one with resealable glass carafes. And I LOVE glass in my kitchen!


The green patch on the lower right hand corner says that it takes no batteries or electricity!

Each bottle of CO2 will make 60 liters of carbonated water and we have a local place where they can be refilled for a really decent price!

Here are the lovely glass bottles, one with the lid on top, not sealed.
Pardon the counter mess- my 1 cup coffee maker and blender are permanent fixtures, even though they take up a ton of room.

Tim also got me a 3 pack of bottles of flavoring.
We've tasted them all and they are all tasty without being overwhelming!
My favorite so far is the orange.

The CO2 bottle (far right) pops into a hole in the bottom.
The bottle of water goes inside the canister.
You close and seal it and press the button on top 3 times to carbonate the water.
Easy peasy!

Raspberry sparkling water, sealed up and going into the fridge to be gulped later!

It's happy beside of my organic ACV!

A good picture of the bubbles!
Mmmmm fizzy!

Being a nerd waffle, I decided to take some fizzy water and combine it with orange juice.
Homemade Orangina, anyone?!
Heck yes!
And of course, I drink it with my Glass Dharma straw.
I LOVE these straws. I've had my 3 for right at 2.5yrs now and not one has broken!

As if my husband didn't absolutely spoil me rotten with that gift,
He encouraged my other addiction:
French cookware.
Specifically, Le Creuset.
Forgive this wanna-be locavore... it's my mother's fault!
(Sorry to throw you under the bus, Mom.)

I tried to fall in love with stoneware, but it is just so darn hard to care for and keep clean! I am a dedicated human being and don't mind things that are high maintenence, but enameled cookware is much more my speed!

This is a BEAUTIFUL baking dish (Tim said it will be perfect for baking up the perfect chicken and I believe he is right on the money!) in my color- the Caribbean blue.

Here is my new baking dish sitting beside of the butter dish my mother got me for my birthday last month. It's just the little things in life, guys...


Samantha said...

Oh I really want a pair of glass straws! I love drinking with a straw and I can only imagine how much more refreshing a glass straw must be over a plastic one (not to mention reusable! the best part!)

What a great husband you have! <3

tia said...

Ah yay! I have a sodastream and absolutely love it- I can't stand soda and I love sparkling water but I wanted an in between and found that. I absolutely love the glass bottles and cork that keeps it fresh. YOU have got to try grape and cranberry juice! delish. I am going to use mine at Addi's birthday party to make fizzy smoothies <3

you go hubs!

tia said...

I forgot to add, we buy braggs organic and unfiltered vinegar- it's super cheap and good. I remember a conversation we had not too long ago- are you still doing the oacv tablespoon diet?

drea said...


&so incredibly jealous of your canning skills. I'm going to keep watching you can things until my jealousy builds up so much that I can't handle it and I one day do it for myself <3

Dusti said...

Samantha, you would love them! You just feel good about using them :)They're tough, too! I keep one in my purse. And Tim really is a special guy. I'm darn lucky to have him!

Tia, I was so surprised. I'm not a gadget girl, but I really wanted one! As for the ACV, I bought a few bottles of the Spectrum unfiltered, organic ACV when they were on sale and I'm still working through those- I orally supplement with the ACV with good results, and I've started using it on my hair and skin, too- with equally positive results. Love that stuff almost as much as I love grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and baking soda- haha... might be a tie.

Drea, it takes NO skill, lady! You can do it! And blog about it when you do- I want to see! <3 Did you see the "baby finn" post where I showed off the gorgeous mobile?!

Kory said...

Hey, everyone has their weaknesses, right? ;) Oh, and I love my glass straws too, they're so much nicer than plastic!