Saturday, April 9, 2011

Groceries, Goodies, and more rain!

By now, we all know that I'm no photographer! haha ;) But I'll share, anyway.

Today, Tim and I went on a date (in the rain) to the grocery store with Keelin, while my dad stayed at the house with a napping Jackson. We grabbed coffee (cider for the 4yr old) on the way and had a good time! We got an ENTIRE cart full of groceries- all fresh (minus the frozen fruit for smoothies that isn't in season, like my vice- raspberries!), good for you. Not meals, not snacks, but ingredients!

We got so much food that I didn't have enough bags with me and had to jack an empty cardboard box from the produce section. And ya know, that much food will only last us a week. We go through so much produce- fresh fruit and fresh veggies- they take up a lot of room initially, but we run through them.

For dinner tonight, in celebration of Tim cleaning the grill (LOL!), we had bacon-wrapped filet mignon.

We buy the smallest steaks I can find, since we tend to eat meat like a side item instead of the centerpiece of the meal. Cooked, these were smaller than my fist, but the taste was on point and it wasn't too much meat.

Apple crisp- a little butter, a little brown sugar, a little honey, some cinnamon, lots of oatmeal, lots of apples!

Sweet potato fries! These were uncooked. I initially planned to take a picture of them all crispy and golden, but I never got the chance! My family absolutely inhaled them!

I actually cut up 5 pounds of sweet potatoes today, tossed them in olive oil, made a batch of fries, and froze the rest so that we can have a quick and easy, super healthy snack or side item one day when I feel pressed for time or lacking energy!

Tin foil veggies! Chopped carrots, onions, red potatoes- drizzled with EVOO, sprinkled with sea salt, steamed to perfection inside of the tin foil. So yummy!

I mentioned earlier than our steak portions were teeny (by American standards)- well, our veggie portions took up 75% of the space on our plates!

No one ever became overweight by eating vegetables, y'all! Eat up!! ;)


Anna said...

Mmmmmm it all looks so delicious. We had sweet potato fries tonight too :o)

Samantha said...

That looks so good!

tia said...

well, nobody ever became overweight eating healthy vegetables. as we know people take advantage of good food and make it greasy and unhealthy. :)

everything looks delicious as always lady.