Monday, April 18, 2011


This morning, I was catching up on my blog reading. I read one of Kory's recent entries on Live Completely and was inspired!

Jackson and I ran to the craft store and picked up some essentials and I got started making Waldorf-inspired toys for him and Keelin. I have always purchased these kinds of learning toys, but have never even considered that I might be able to successfully make them myself! You know, let's be real. I LOVE handmade toys and LOVE unique educational materials to use with my little ones, but we're on a budget! I don't have an endless supply of funds to spend on Etsy, so anything that I can do myself is a great benefit!

Bitty Man armed and ready!
He helped me put together and paint a wooden tractor model!
No pictures, though. It was "his." Nooo pictures!

$1.00 for a wooden basket!
Perfect for holding peg people!

Like these!

That fit into bean pot candle cups like these!

Kinda line this!

I made a set of 6, a rainbow!
Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, and Orange!

A Power family easter basket! :)

I also picked up a bag of recycled cardboard eggs!
The bottom left egg is unpainted for this photo.

Just thought I'd share what I spent my afternoon doing!
I did some sorting balls in the colors to match the cups,
pastels for the eggs!

All finished!
Haven't decided whether or not to give the other peg people faces...

Anyway, visit Kory and show her some love! She writes a delightful blog!

I'm planning to make these and more for favors to give guests at Keelin's 5th birthday party this summer- no plastic ickiness here!
If you're one of Keelin's friends mommies, I ruined the surprise, but I just had to share :)


Kory said...

Your projects look great Dusti! Glad I was able to inspire you a bit!

j said...

cute easter eggs!

tia said...

It's okay- very excited. I love doing things like that, isn't it super relaxing?

Dusti said...

Kory, thank you for posting! I really enjoyed making them!

J, thank you! I'm going back today to buy more, if they have any left. What a great idea someone had!

Tia, I could have sat in the yard (and later in my recliner) and painted those bad boys til morning! Loved it!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Fun!! I was looking at those same little pegs and cups and thinking about making some with the girls -- love the little basket to store them in.