Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sweet baby goodness for baby Finn < 3

As promised, here is a sneak peak at some of the sweetness we have collected for Baby Finn!
Our goal was to buy ALL pre-owned, handmade, thrifted, etc.

So far, that has been achieved and with amazing results!

A rainbow (insert warm fuzzies here) afghan I found in a thrift store for $4.00
It's HUGE! So it will be great to toss on the hardwood floors for him!

A pair of shorties bought used from another mom.
I got a great deal and they are rainbow, but super boyish, which isn't a common combination of traits!

A pair of baby booties purchased on Etsy from Heather's Hobbies
I thought the colors were incredible and they are SO soft!

A sleep sack knit by Zab's Mom on Mosaic Moon wool-
The colorway is "Barn Owl"and it was our first custom for Finn!

speesees booties- new,from another mom

babysoy sleep gown, bought new from another mom
LOVE the colors and it is beyond soft

Incredibly soft and comfy looking!

Our mobile made by Drea of ohdeardrea!
A bumblebee, a hedgehog, an owl, a mushroom, rain clouds, and poo!
LOVE it and adore Drea's blog!
Go check her out!! :)


Kory said...

Cute! I love thrifted blankets for some reason... thrifted pillows freak me out, but thrifted blankets are awsome (maybe I'm crazy?). And did you say the mobile has a poo? As in poop? Cause I'm crackin' up!

Samantha said...

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a baby blanket at the thrift store that is exactly like the blankets my sister and I had, although it is a different color. For $2!

and I love that you are buying as much second hand. That was my goal and other than purchasing a few clothes and an Ergo, I have managed to do the same! :)

Dusti said...

Kory, I don't even share pillows with my husband. That is something that creeps me out, too. I'm hoping to find some great quilts this summer in thrift stores- on my list of things to find :) And yes, there is POOP on the mobile! You know you like it!

Samantha, what a great find! We love to buy secondhand. I appreciate if something purchased from a thrift store or online still has tags on it, but I love buying used. When I buy new, I get hung up on the off gassing, the sweatshops, the chemicals, etc. and it just really turns me off. I've purchased a few new items, clothing-wise, for the baby thanks to gift cards we had, but otherwise everything has been used. I even purchased our Ergo used :) It was hard to find one in the Galaxy print used, but we finally found one for Jackson and purchased an insert to make it easier to use with the new baby!

What color is your Ergo?

Kate said...

Huck Finn is going to be the crunchiest kid ever! Hehehe! Love it!

karen said...

aww, what cute little baby things, thats great that its all so eco friendly too. Your garden is looking great

Dusti said...

Kate, Finn doesn't have a chance. He will be a born and bred super-crunch!

Karen, thank you! We try to do the best we can and honestly, at this point the plasticy, shiny, new baby things don't even appeal to me. Give me knit wool and wooden teething toys over anything Babies R Us carries any day! :)

And thank you for complimenting the garden- it has been a source of much frustration this week! lol :)

Emma said...

I love the colourful shorties!!!! Very cute- I'm hoping to start knitting my own soon :)

(Emma, from DS -

Dusti said...

Emma, I'd love nothing more than to be able to knit my own shorties! I'm such a wool addict <3 Checking out your blog as soon as the babes are in bed!