Sunday, April 17, 2011

What do we do with gorgeous weather around our house?

As many of you know, NC has had some CRAZY weather lately!
We heard that this weekend was going to include some wild weather, so we spent a couple of days outside hooking up our pups, loving on the chickens, and mowing the big backyard!

Yes, with pictures!

Our yard looking a little wild...
After Tim mowed, we moved the swingset to a better location.
I said earlier that the low lying ground wasn't going to be a problem, but it is,
so we remedied the situation! Maybe now we can cement the set into the ground?

My sweet hubby and our boy on my dad's riding lawnmower!
This thing was bought the year I turned 1.
A lawnmower working 23 years later?
Unheard of!
They don't make 'em like they used to!

Sadly, it's my dad's and we really need to buy our own.
Will probably hit up Craigslist and try to find a good old one!

Tim teaching Keelin how the mower works- she was mildly hesitant :)

Keelin and her special hen, Reeses.
She loves her chickens! It's adorable.
And thankfully, we have friendly poultry!
Tolerant, at the very least!

Keelin and our 1yr old Boxer, Max.
He is such a sweet dog, you guys...
Not sure why his ears are flapping in the breeze! :)

Keelin holding one of our Cornish Rock chicks
(i.e. a meat chicken)
Remember in the post where I quoted Bittman about how agricultural animals are treated so much worse than pets? Not ours!! We don't name the meaties, just because that would make it really hard for the kids when they are killed (not harvested.) Otherwise, they get lots of lovin' just like the rest of our pets.

Keelin here is informing me that she wants this one to be a pet, not dinner.

Jackson and Keelin, posing with two Cornish chicks.
Pardon the bright light, it was really early in the morning!
You can see just how big the Cornish chicks are- and they're only 3 weeks old.

And today, the rain came down so hard that we couldn't even see out of the windows. It was like a sheet of white! Thankfully, we didn't have to deal with any tornados and there was no damage done to our property or that of anyone we know. Come on, NC... how about some mild weather!!


Samantha said...

I am so happy to hear you guys weathered the storm just fine.
and I love that you can just pick up your chickens and hold them. I love chickens so much.

Dusti said...

Our chickens are so darn sweet! The babies peck Jackson's toes and hop into his lap. They are really brave and sweet, or not so bright ;)