Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jackson and Big Bird?

I just feel the need to celebrate my wild guy!
This morning, Tim and I took him outside after we took Keelin to school.
It was time to check on the chickens water/food and open the door for them to go outside!

"Mommy, it's BIG BIRD!!!"
So, the chicken Jackson is pointing to is officially his special hen.
She's an Araucana hen named Big Bird.

Big Bird decided that she'd had enough.
Jackson WILL find you, Chicken... in his pjs and flip flops!

Jackson holding Big Bird.
I have never seen that little boy just stand still...
He really enjoyed getting to love on his feathered friend!


Samantha said...

The picture of him holding the chicken is fantastic! :)

karen said...

I agree, how adorable your little boy holding up that big chookie:)