Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guess who went fishing?!

Yessir, Tim took Jackson fishing on Sunday evening. Together, they caught one teeny fish and one almost big enough to bring home to eat fish. As a family, we absolutely do NOT support the acts of fishing or hunting as a sport. As a means of teaching your children where food comes from (You mean, it doesn't magically appear on the shelves at the grocery store?) and putting food on the dinner table, it is something that we are on board with.
Jackson with his catch!

Fishy was quickly labeled just a bit too small to bring home for dinner and tossed back in to grow some more, but not before Tim (ever the photographer in the family) snapped a few shots!

On Monday evening, after Keelin got home from spending most of the weekend with her dad, it was her turn to head to the lake with Tim!

A face covered with something... Tim thinks that bringing yummy snacks is the most important part of a fishing trip- which is fine by me :)

Precious girl! She didn't catch anything, but she said she had a good time hanging out and eating snacks!

Both babes love eating fish, so Tim is looking forward to taking them on more trips like this. I certainly wouldn't mind not having to grill the guy behind the fish counter to find out where the fish I want to buy came from.


Because ya know, it doesn't get more local, wild, or free roaming than catching it from a lake in rural NC.

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Simone said...

If not you, then maybe your kids will do the asking! If you do plan to take them on more trips, they could really grow an interest in fishing as a hobby. But more importantly, they'd grow to love the outdoors and not squander their time in front of the computer.

Simone Gambler