Monday, April 11, 2011

Costco, Pasta, and the gym?

Yesterday, Tim and I got gym memberships! Yes, halfway through a pregnancy, I got a gym membership. They have yoga classes, a pool, etc. It was so cheap to add me to Tim's membership, we decided that the stretching and swimming would be well worth the fees, especially later on in the pregnancy!

Today wasn't very productive. I've been pretty sore for some reason and Tim is suffering from a nasty poison oak reaction, so we hung out at the house for the most part. After we got Keelin from school, we went by Costco to get a membership. They have really good prices on organics, so we thought it might be worth the membership fee. Came home from our first trip with a 40 ounce bag of spinach (no lie), three half gallon containers of almond milk, two whole organic chickens, tons of other fresh fruits and veggies... Delicious! Very glad we got that membership already! Didn't even let myself look at anything but food!

For dinner:

Spinach and cheese tortellini with chopped up baby portabella mushrooms, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes!
Blanched the veggies in the boiling water and cooked the fresh pasta at the same time- 3 minutes!
I added a garlic-loaded pasta sauce on top- the kids annihilated it!!

Yummy salad- spinach (hiding under the toppings!), broccoli, tomatoes, and gala apples!
The kids killed this, too, and Tim and I were on the verge of a fork fight over the last bite!

Whole wheat bread with organic butter, some roasted garlic and sea salt.
Talk about garlic bread!
It may not look like much, but I can't have pasta without garlic bread ;)

I wish more people realized how simple cooking from scratch is.
It doesn't have to be elaborate, complicated, expensive, or unusual.
This was the best meal I've cooked this week, according to Keelin (the pickiest eater in the house)- and it was the one I thought she was least likely to enjoy due to the mushroom factor. I've never heard "More, please!" more times during a meal. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy to serve 100% guilt-free meals.


tia said...

yum! Adriana would have killed the soup with mushrooms- she always eats most of them before I even get them in the pan. and yay to the gym- we have one too and it was super cheap to add one of us so we did it and I've loved it ever since.

Dusti said...

I'm a mushroom fiend, too. Keelin doesn't like the texture, but I can respect that. More for the rest of us :)