Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday, we prepared for the storm.
Today, it was icky outside.
We took it as a perfect opportunity for a little learning!

Keelin and Tim practiced tying her shoes!
She practiced using the awesome shoes her paternal grandmother, her Mimi, customized for her with Sharpies! Dawn is just too darn creative... great lady!

There she goes!

Very serious!

And guess what? Our Doodle did it!
Keelin tied her shoes!! :)

My best friend of 20 years, sister of my heart, threw her daughter (my now 7 year old niece) an awesome birthday party at a rollerskating rink today! Perfect for how icky it was outside!

I got ballsy and rented Jackson the TEENIEST pair of skates I have ever seen!
(The boy wears a size 6 in toddler shoes- haha!)
There was a lot of booty meeting the floor, but by the end of the morning, both kids were rolling around independently!! Not necessarily skating, but definitely rolling around without ending up in the floor!

This is just so sweet, it makes me Mommy mush.
I love what a great dad Tim is.
I love what a great big sister and daughter Keelin is.
I love that Jackson thinks his sister and dad are the COOLEST people on the planet.
Because, of course, they are!

I, clearly, didn't skate. But I did get to spend a lot of time holding sweet little hands and picking little selves up off of the floor! Loved it!

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