Monday, April 18, 2011


Quite a few people have expressed interest in knowing how I make my smoothies...
This is how I start my day most mornings and I looove them!

I start with the same basics, give or take one!
Almond or coconut milk, probiotic powder (immune system boost, anyone?!), raw honey (helps me fight off seasonal allergies), and flaxseed oil (yummy, healthy fats)!
The ground flaxseed is what I use when I'm out of fresh kale, which I prefer (but sometimes can't find at the farmer's mnarket), but I love both!
I usually use some plain, organic yogurt, too- but I was out the morning I took these photos!

This day, I used a bunch of frozen strawberries that my dad froze last year, a whole peeled kiwi, two whole peeled bananas, and a handful of frozen pineapple that I cut and froze last week!

I really enjoy using fresh fruit, but if I do, I use ice to thicken the smoothie!
I try to spend time weekly cutting fresh fruit, freezing it, and using the frozen fruit- makes the smoothies super thick and amazingly refreshing!

Here is what it looks like!

I just put in the fruit, put in the dry ingredients, pour on the milk and/or yogurt and blend until smooth!
It packs a nutritional punch, starts my day off properly, and the whole family loves them!

Some other goodness that I like to pop in the blender:
- avocados (give the smoothie the same consistency as a banana!)
- using juices instead of almond milk (orange is my favorite!)


Samantha said...

Oh I love smoothies, this makes me want to start making them in the mornings again. :)

Jill said...

just found your blog from your diaper swappers post! We love smoothies in the morning too:) Sounds like we're in a similar stage...we just bought a house on 20 acres and are hoping to become as self sufficient as possible over time. Looking forward to seeing your journey! My blog is

Dusti said...

Samantha, now that I'm in the habit of making them, the idea of having anything else for breakfast seems a bit bland! They're SO good!

Jill, we're sitting on 28 acres, 25 of them wooded and will probably stay that way! :) I started reading your blog and have already gotten some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Crystal @ A Well-Feathered Nest said...

This sounds great! I am always looking for new ideas of things to add to our smoothies.

Marishannon said...

So do the kale and almond milk actually taste good together? I add almond milk to a smoothie this weekend with spinach and the two were an awful mix together!

Dusti said...

I love the taste of kale and think it tastes good with almond milk. If I use almond milk, I usually use some yogurt, as well- that can sweeten it a bit if you're not sure about using almond milk and kale together. If I'm using raw cow's milk, I normally leave our the yogurt since it's so delicious!