Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recycled Crayons and "Cheezy Baked Spaghetti Nests!"

Today was so crazy! Tim wasn't getting any better, so I went all over creation trying to find something that might soothe his allergic reaction. Poor guy :( I hate seeing him so uncomfortable! I think we finally found something that will help him. Ready to have my hubby back at 100%, for sure.

Jackson went down for a nap and Keelin and I decided to celebrate "Week of the Young Child" with a little project. She and I de-papered all of her and Jackson's broken crayons, melted them in my double boiler, and put them into some star shaped candy molds that I had on hand!

 Here are the kids crayons! I think they turned out really well!

For dinner, I was interested in some carbs! I made whole grain spinach pasta!

Put the pasta in a muffin tin and scooped on some of my sweet tomato sauce!

Baked it with a bit of cheese on top (Tim's are the ones without cheese, per his request).
Oh, man! So delicious!

Thanks to Cat at The Verdant Life for this delicious idea! It was a hit with my family!

Her blog recipes are so yummy sounding and we can't wait to try out more in the future!

We served our nests with a spinach salad with broccoli and apples
 (yes, the same one we had last night- it was requested again by the babes!) and steamed edamame.
Our plates were almost covered with GREEN, minus the cheese, apples, and pasta sauce!


tia said...

I like the version with spinach noodles. we did those for valentines day with heart shaped meatballs, I wish I had my blog back up then so I could share with everyone :) looks delicious- happy full bellied babies sleep good at night!

Dusti said...

That was where I deviated from Cat's recipe. Didn't have any regular noodles on hand and thought the spinach noodles would be super yummy!

You always make cute food, Tia! I'd never think to shape meatballs :)

tia said...

yes you would, crazy girl.

Cat @ The Verdant Life said...

Thanks for the plug, Dusti! I love your blog and can't wait to hear what you think of my other recipes. :)