Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I really try to avoid going overboard for holidays, but the newness of life that comes around this time of year just makes a girl want to celebrate!

I save our egg cartons from the farmer's market- they're recycled cardboard and clearly good for many things!

I spiffied this up for Keelin!

And I filled it with the recycled cardboard eggs I painted her last week.
I originally made 6 and then decided to do another half dozen to fill up an egg carton! I'm not usually creative in my own right, so that was a borderline stroke of genius for me ;)

She absolutely loves them and played farmer's market with Jackson!

Here is my favorite, the robin's egg blue!
It looks a lot like some of the Americauna and Araucana eggs I've purchased!
Now, if only my hens would start laying ;)

She painted her garden stone with her Mima, my mother.

We decided to fill up a tub of water, for whatever reason.
You know my kids got into it! :)

And yes, well water is pretty darn cold!!

Jackson isn't quite sure what Keelin is squealing about-
the water isn't so bad once you get used to it ;)

Also included in the babes' Easter baskets were the peg people I painted last week, some small versions of my gardening tools, sorting balls and cups, etc.

They seem to have really enjoyed them and it just gives me warm fuzzies to see them enjoying the toys that I spent a few nights staying up late painting and hiding before they woke back up. :)


Samantha said...

Despite the cold, they look like they had fun getting wet.
I love the egg carton!

Dusti said...

Kids don't seem to feel cold like we do! Wild, little munchkins! :)

I was going to paint wooden eggs, but decided that these were less likely to cause injury in the event that a certain 2yr old boy decided to chuck one at his sister ;)

Kory said...

Haha, less likely to cause injury- just awesome. Sounds like a great easter!

Beatrice said...

I was a bit crazy and went water skiing on Monday :)

The water actually wasnt that bad, but I had a couple people ask if I had a wet suit on...