Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a quick coop update!

Just a quick update on the chicken coop-
Otherwise known as the soap opera,
"As the Coop Turns"
The bottom of the chicken wire wasn't quite as safe as I wanted it, since the ground is uneven and there were a few places that a determined snake or something could get under.

Tim remedied the issue by cutting trees that fell in the storm and putting them around the entire length of the chicken fence. He stuck a chair our there for me and we now jokingly refer to it as "the Observation Deck."

The other new thing is the left side of the fence. It all used to be super low to the ground, but Tim wanted me to be able to get in there easily even when my belly gets ginormous, so he built a frame and lifted it up! He's pretty awesome! I was just going to squat down and hope for the best, but thanks to my hubby, I don't have to worry about it anymore!

It did require the purchase of some chicken wire, but all of the wood was leftover from other projects, found in the woods/yard, or recycled!

Everyone, meet Hugh Heffner. He's our new Silver-Laced Wyandotte rooster! Isn't he handsome? Tim named him, saying it was only appropriate for the only rooster in the hen house! And so far, he seems to be quite the ladies man! He's been pretty polite with the crowing and he's got lovely manners, so hopefully it stays that way!

In other news, only a few more things need to happen to the yard before we are ready to let the chickens roam free some during the day! I am looking forward to seeing them go nuts in the yard after Tim mows and the bugs are out! They're going to be in hen heaven!


Dianna said...

Love it. We aren't allowed roosters here. Is he loud?

Kory said...

Yay for thoughtful husbands! Everything looks great and the rooster is beautiful!

Dusti said...

Dianna, he crows but he is pretty polite about it! Around 8 in the morning and around 3 in the afternoon :) We live in rural NC, so neighbors aren't even really close enough to hear him, thankfully! But he doesn't bother us.

Kory, thank you! Tim is an awesome husband and Heff is a handsome rooster. My guys! haha :)