Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, Beautiful Friday!!

People that know me know that I adore furniture that has been taken from a virtual heap and turned into something beautiful! And I have always been in love with Hoosier Cabinets. If you love antiques, then you might know that when they are in good shape, they are expensive!! I finally found one about half an hour away within my budget and picked it up yesterday. I'm so in love! Can't wait to bring it back to life- the picture makes it look like it is in a lot better shape than it actually is. This furniture is going to require a lot of TLC to return it to it's former luster. :) It has an original flour storage unit and I'm hoping to find a glass sugar storage to mount on the inside. The countertop slides out towards you. It seems that this piece of furniture was a favorite of women when baking bread. They used the slide out panel to knead dough and cut out biscuits!
A picture of my precious Keelin! She goes to a 3 morning a week preschool and loves it. She chose, on Friday morning, to wear her tie-dyed t-shirt, turquoise flats, and her breast cancer awareness hair bow. She's just so bright and shiny. I can't get over how delightful my daughter is. Love her!!!

Oh, and before I forget, Tim and I were able to go out for dinner and a movie last night, courtesy of my awesome dad for watching the kids- especially when Jackson stripped naked and peed all over the floor AFTER he was supposed to be asleep in his bed ;)

We went to Basil's & Co., a local bistro that locally sources some of their food- including a lot of their meats and cheeses (Goat Lady Dairy, anyone?!). We shared the fried pickles with horseradish aioli to start with- SO good. Tim got the shrimp and grits, I had a small plate portion of the sirloin with a green salad, truffle dusted shoestring fries, and ordered an extra side, because the asparagus risotto sounded too good to pass up! For dessert, we had a chocolate ganache cake that was so rich, we brought most of it home!! The baby bump enjoyed it, though!

It was really nice to get out for a while together and focus on what we wanted to talk about, no booster seats, enjoy hot food (parents, you know what I'm talking about!), and the movie (Limitless) was pretty good, too. Although by that time, I was ready to go home and go to sleep. I'm too much of an old lady (at 24) to go to a ten o'clock movie! :)


tia said...

Where in the world did you find it near here? I've been looking all over craigs list and other sites and asking around for about a year now and have had 0 luck :(

basil's &co is amazing! I'm glad you both got a night out.

Anna said...

Dusti I'm so happy to have you visit my blog :o) It makes me absolutely delighted that you like your wreath and earrings. Your daughter is so precious. Thank you so much for visiting my booth at the market and my blog

ps I love hoosier cabinets. What an exciting find!

Dusti said...

Tia, I found it on Greensboro Craigslist listed by some people in Asheboro. People that have them tend to not sell them, it seems. I had to look for this one for a long time. :-/

Anna, thanks for visiting my blog! We hung the wreath today, and it was definitely meant to live in our hallway! :-) Thank you again!