Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, the things we take for granted!

Well, we had a nasty April storm a couple of days ago!

Now a couple of days in to not having power (which for us well having people means no water, as well, since our well pump doesn't function without electricity), I am realizing just how much I take things for granted!

I wasn't expecting to lose power- it was just a thunderstorm, for crying out loud! Yeah, until my county got hit with a tornado! :-p and a tree bigger around than my mini-van came down on a power line 1/4 of a mile from my house! So long, electricity!

I didn't think to fill the bathtub with clean water for flushing and such, didn't fill jugs with water, didn't charge important things like my laptop, my cell phone, two extra cell batteries (yeah, I had THREE dead cell phone batteries. I suck), flash lights.

Thankfully, we have our two rain barrels, so my dogs and chickens were happy to have water. I had about a gallon of purified water in the fridge- so we could have drinking water, brush our teeth, and yes, bless Jackson's heart, wet some cloth wipes to clean his little tushy. (Yeah, it was still cold, too. Poor Jackson! lol)

I had just taken all of our clean laundry and diapers off of the clothesline when it started to rain, so he has diapers, we have clothes- all positives. I was walking up the stairs when Jackson decided to stumble walking up the stairs and give himself a shiner and a poor little bruised nose.

I decided that if we didn't get power back on by this morning, I was going to take the kids to a hotel or to my mom's house an hour away for baths, heat, etc. Well, mom had no power, so Tim called and booked us a hotel with an indoor pool- so the kids could at least have something to look forward to. No less than 5 minutes after Tim made the reservation, Mom called and said that her power was back on. Thank goodness!!! Saved us $91! Which is AWESOME since we just had to have Tim's windshield replaced this morning. (When it rains, it pours at the Power homestead... literally and figuratively.)

So for now, we're at my mother's house. The kids are bathed, we watched a movie, and a little bit later, I think we're going to go out and stretch our legs for a bit. I'll head home first thing in the morning to go feed the dogs. For now, they're out in the dog run with Dogloos full of cedar shavings and overfull bowls of food, so they'll be good until tomorrow morning. *sigh* Either way, the kids and I aren't spending another cold night in our house.

Oh, did I mention the energy company is saying that it will be late tomorrow night before we have power. Blech.

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tia said...

but at least you all are safe!! <3 hopefully your power will be back on sooner than later- they sometimes get it on quicker than they say.