Sunday, April 3, 2011

18 weeks and 1 day

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So, I popped my due date into this little thing-a-ma-jigger and it told me that I am more than 18 weeks pregnant. Uh. No. Could I possibly be almost halfway through this pregnancy?! No way!!


Denial won't change it. This pregnancy is getting away from me. I swore I'd enjoy every minute of it- and I am, so why is it going by so quickly?!

I have his newborn cloth diapers ready, I have some little newborn wool sleep cocoons (will post pictures next week when the custom I ordered gets here), some little teeny clothes that I'm planning to dye when I dye his prefolds all sorts of beautiful colors.

Basically? This baby boy could make his grand entrance tomorrow and have everything he needs, except for a carseat! But of course, he needs to stay in for another 22 weeks- which gives me that much longer to obsess about it. And the nesting hasn't even kicked in yet. I am in such trouble... even though I'm totally going the handmade, minimalistic route with this little boy's items!

18 weeks and 1 day with baby #3

I think I popped a bit since my last picture! :)


Dana said...

you have popped! Very cute!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Sweet little belly :)

I've been wanting to dye our prefolds for the longest time. You'll have to show your process. I'm interested.

Samantha said...

All we need is a car seat too! MIL offered to buy that for us though, so that makes me happy. :)

Dusti said...

Dana, I am starting to finally look pregnant!!

Laura, I am using the Procion (sp?) dyes. Will do a big post with pictures when I get around to doing it. Probably next month after I make a few more blankets!

Samantha, I think my MIL would have a coronary if she knew how much we were going to spend on Baby #3's Sunshine Kids Radian! :)