Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An update on the homestead and a hello! to new followers :)

Some of my now *34* followers (Giveaway coming soon soon soon to celebrate!!) are homesteaders or homesteader wanna-be's like me so maybe some of you can understand where I'm coming from when I say:

Why does this mess take so darn long?

You get so caught up in the research for a project!
You take the plunge and buy/collect the materials for the project!
You jump in head first...and...

and wait.
and wait some more!

My chickens aren't old enough to lay eggs, but they're growing steadily.
My chicks aren't big enough to be killed and processed, but it will only be a few more weeks.
My garden is half planted, even though we are seeing some progress on that front!
The fruit trees are just babies, even though Tim and I found a couple of teeny "practice" peaches today!
I haven't found time to put spouts on the rain barrels, even though we're using them to water the garden.
The compost is going to take it's sweet time.

I guess it just feels like I'm working myself (and my ever patient husband) for nothing, sometimes.
I know the time is coming when our property is going to show how incredible it is and we'll harvest the fruits of our labor (literally!)- but in the mean time, it's tough to feel like we're getting anywhere.

Just hang in there, my friends. Some days my posts will be mind numbingly boring, but other times I hope to have some really cool things to share.

If there is something you think I might be ready to dive into or you'd like to hear about, please share with me! I am by no means an expert on the subject matter at hand- I am a constant student and eager to learn!

Coming up this week and next week:
- A chicken coop update with pictures!
-Two kinds of homemade jelly with pictures and recipes!
-Homemade bread, in the oven and in the new (thrifted) bread maker!
- A garden update with pictures!
- Some handmade goodies that we've gotten for Baby Finn with links to the crafters!
-A review!
- TWO amazing giveaways that I can barely contain my excitement about!
- A make it yourself post with some new household products!

Thank you again, friends, for following! Please don't hesitate to comment, ask questions, and suggest topics!


Samantha said...

I am excited about following you on this adventure. I will need someone to turn to for advice in two years when we hopefully will be buying our own home. :)

karen said...

ah yes, this homesteading is slow going to start off with but will be oh so rewarding in the end. Along the way there are so many little things to enjoy. Something quick that you can try are sprouts (which im doing at the moment, I do love me some instant gratification:)I cant wait to see your chicken coop

Beatrice said...

We do a lot of the same things as you :)

We raise chickens for meat and eggs, and it does take a while..... but when it is time fir butchering and the eggs are coming it is totaly worth it!

tia said...

exciting things coming up lady, you've got me super excited now!